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Rename Event title (using a list of aliases)

This becomes essential to make the event title more relevant. For example if the Wikipedia article was Mahatma Gandhi and the event being called out was "Mahatma Gandhi moves to India". Currently, The event date can be added in addition to choosing the Article, however the title remaining as Mahatma Gandhi while it would be more meaningful to rename the title. This request is similar to the ability to rename the article name in Wikipedia contextually when invoking as a link in wikipedia (for e.g: [[Viceroy of India|viceroy]].

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planned  ·  AdminHistropedia (Histropedia Support, Histropedia) responded  · 

This is a feature we have planned.

It will allow you to choose between a number of aliases for every event. These aliases can be edited or added by anyone.

For example:

Other aliases for the event “Presidency of Barrack Obama” could be:
1. “Barrack Obama”
2. “Obama presidency”
3. “44th President”
4. "44th President of the US

Note: This feature will not let you create completely new events, it will just allow alternative names for the exisitng one’s.

For creating distinct new events, see feature


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