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Create global events (linked to any section in a Wikipedia article)

This capability would be very handy. Often the event may point to a section in the wikipedia article. Ability to have the event link to the section that merely the wikipedia page would be helpful to give relevant content to a reader.

Note from Histropedia: This feature is for creating events that will be available to all other users of the site (i.e. notable events that are currently missing). If you are interested in making PERSONAL events that are not available to all other users, see idea

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planned  ·  AdminHistropedia (Histropedia Support, Histropedia) responded  · 

This is an absolutely vital feature and is currently on our roadmap to be started just after we release the timeline directory.

It will give you the ability to create any Custom event that you like, that will then be available to all users of the site (including the ability to edit the details you choose).

This will finally allow the creation of the finer details of history, like individual events that happened in a person’s life.

The planned feature will have the following following options for a custom event:

1) Choose any desired name.

2) Link the event to any section of a any Wikipedia article.

3) If desired, the date for a custom event can be linked to a chosen date in Wikidata, so that it can be maintained by bots automatically in case of any future changes to the date.

Note: We also plan to allow ‘aliases’ to be used for events – this would let you choose from a list of community decided names that could also apply to the exact same event.
For example, you might want “Presidency of Barack Obama”, to simply display as “Barrack Obama” because the context is clear from the timeline name “Presidents of the United States”


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