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Zooming and scrolling

Moving through time


Click on the timeline canvas and ‘drag’ the mouse left or right to move through time.

You can click in any available space to start scrolling (i.e. the space in-between events or the area under the timeline).

Note: If you attempt to drag after clicking on an event, then you will not scroll through time. You will instead just drag the event to a new location on the screen.


You can zoom in or out of any point in time using the mouse wheel or the slider bar.

Zooming will change the amount of time which is visible on the screen (in the same way that zooming into a map changes the distance that is visible on screen).

At maximum zoom out, the current version allows you to see around 10,000 years on the screen at one time, and you can zoom all the way in to see individual days.


Using the mouse wheel

You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out by rolling the wheel forwards or backwards.

Your zoom will always be centred around the location of your cursor on the screen. This means that you can zoom in towards any time period by simply hovering your mouse in the desired location and rolling the mouse wheel.


Using the slider bar

The Zoom Slider Bar allows you to zoom in or out using the currently selected event as the ‘zoom centre’.

This is very useful for zooming in towards a specific event to find out what was happening around the same time.

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