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Date Precision


The precision to which dates are known varies. For example it is sometimes only appropriate to use a date precise to the nearest century.

Histropedia allows you to indicate this with a precision setting that can be found next to each date on the Edit Screen.

How to set date precision

There is a drop down menu next to both the Start and End dates, which can be set independently.

The text in the box next to the word 'Precision' shows the current setting for that date ("day" in the example above). Clicking on the box will show a drop down menu with a list of precision options.

The precision setting you choose will affect the date input options that are available. The input options for each setting are shown below:
  • Day - year, month, day
  • Month - year, month
  • Year - year only
  • Decade - decade only (e.g. 1940 for "1940's")
  • Century - century only (e.g. "19" for "19th century")
  • Millenniamillennia only (e.g. "2" for "2nd millennium")
Please note that only numerical values can be used to enter dates at present. For example the system will not recognise a month input of "February", you will need to enter "2" instead.

Precision from Wikidata or Wikipedia

At the top of the Edit Screen, the automatic dates area displays dates from Wikipedia or Wikidata. If you click on 'use' to accept either of these dates, the precision setting will be set automatically along with the other date info.

It is highly recommended to use Wikidata dates wherever possible.

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