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Merging timelines


When loading a timeline, you are prompted with the following pop up if you already have a timeline loaded from a previous session.

The merge option gives you a simple way to  combine 2 or more timelines to build up a larger timeline.


Select this option if you would like to add the timeline you are loading to the existing one you were working on.

This is effectively the same as adding a group of events to the timeline instead of an individual event, so neither of the timelines have any changes saved to them by selecting this option.

The merge option can be used as follows:

1. Building a new timeline using other timelines.

By loading a series of timelines and selecting 'Merge' each time, you can build up a much bigger timeline very quickly. 
For example, you could use the following steps to create a timeline:
  1. Load "Albums by the Beatles"
  2. Load "Singles by the Beatles", then select 'Merge'
  3. Load "Books by members of the Beatles", then select 'Merge' 
  4. Save the combination as a new timeline called "Works by the Beatles"
Note: you do can do this with any Histropedia timelines you find in our directory or anywhere else on the web, as all timelines are shared under a CC BY-SA 3.0 Licence.

2. Improving an existing timeline using other timelines

You can also use the 'Merge' option to build on an existing timeline that was created by you. In this case, you also have the option to 'save changes' after merging in other timelines (which need not have been created by you).

When you save changes to a timeline, any links you have shared or embedded versions will automatically show the updated version.

For example, suppose you are working on a "20th century paintings" timeline, and have already added all of the oil paintings from the period. You could take the following steps to add more content using other timelines.
  1. Load the timeline "20th century paintings" (created by you)
  2. Load the timeline "20th century watercolour paintings", then select 'Merge'
  3. Load the timeline "20th century acrylic paintings", then select 'Merge'
  4. Click the 'Save' button and select 'Save changes'
This will have updated the original timeline, "20th century paintings" with the new content from the other two timelines that were merged in.

Note: If you do not wish to update the original timeline, you can choose "Save new" instead.

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