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Loading timelines from the directory

Search and Click

You can find timelines in the directory using the main search box on the timeline interface.

Timeline search results are indicated by a 
 icon on the left side of the search box, and always appear at the top of the list of results.


1. Type a search term.
e.g. "2014", "1753 births", "Novels by Charles Dickens", "Ancient Egypt" or "London"

2. Click on a timeline result to load it. 

Tip: For best results, just use key words when searching, the order of words entered does not matter. For example type "naval battles world war I united kingdom" or "albums rolling stones", leaving out any non key words like "by", "of", "to" etc. 

There are currently over 300,000 timelines available, all of which have been automatically imported from the Wikipedia category system. The quality varies significantly, but there are already a vast number of amazing timelines to explore. It's also very easy to build on an incomplete timeline, or create a custom comparison timeline by adding individual events and merging in other timelines.

Merge or Replace?

If you already have events on your timeline when you try and load a new one (from the search box, your account or elsewhere), you will be prompted with the following pop up message:

This option gives you a chance cancel the timeline loading if you want to carry on working on your previous timeline, and also offers a simple method for combining timelines.

Each of the 3 options are explained below:

1. Cancel
Abort loading the new timeline and continue where you left off in the previous session.

2. Merge

Select this option if you would like to combine the timeline you are loading with the existing one you were working on.

This is effectively the same as adding a group of events to the timeline instead of an individual event, so neither of the timelines have any changes saved to them by selecting this option.

Click here for more info about merging timelines.

3. Replace

Choose this option if you would simply like to load the new timeline, discarding any events on the timeline from your previous session.

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