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New version of timeline notification

If you see the following notification while using Histropedia it means that another user has published changes to the timeline you have loaded, to see the latest version click the link in the notification.

You will lose any changes you have made to the timeline if you load the latest version.

Avoiding editing conflicts:

If you are not editing the timeline you have open when you see the notification you should simply click to load the latest version of the timeline and benefit from any improvements that have been made.

If you are editing the timeline the notification is designed to warn you that there is a potential editing conflict and publishing your changes to the directory timeline may have unexpected results.

You can discover more about the recent edit by looking at the top entry in the revision history, which can be found on the timeline info page. Open the timeline info page by clicking the  icon next to the timeline title.

Click the Date and time to open a preview of the timeline in a new window.(1)

Click the number of events in the summary column to see which events were added/removed (2).

If no events we’re removed during the previous edit you should be able to publish your changes to the timeline without causing any issues.

If events were removed in the previous edit and you publish your changes, you will probably re-add the events the previous user removed. In this case it is better to load the latest version and start fresh from there.

If you don’t want to lose your edits completely you can save a local copy. Select ‘Save new’ from the Save menu. 

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