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Timeline Directory overview

The timeline directory is a collection of timelines that have been created by importing Wikipedia categories and using the matching Histropedia events to build timelines based on those categories.

When importing the categories we only took the contents of the top level category to create the timeline, and sub categories were created as separate timelines.

We did this to ensure the events on the timeline were relevant to the timeline title, by including sub categories we increased the chances of encountering sub categories that were not relevant enough for the timeline.

Because of this method there are lots of timelines that are missing or contain very few results; this is because the category used to create the timeline contained only sub timelines. Generally the timelines that suffer the most form this issue are the bigger timelines and we have several semi-automated tools that can be used to create or improve this type of timeline.

In general where a more categorised timeline exists it will be better than the top level timelines above it.

For example:

‘American comedy actors’ will be a more complete timeline than ‘American actors’.

Searching for timelines

You can search for any of the directory timelines straight from the search box on

Results with this  icon are timelines, click on a result to load the timeline.

Read the full Searching for Timelines article for more info and tips on searching. 

Merging Timelines

If you already have a timeline loaded when you open a new timeline a pop will ask you if you want to “Replace” or “Merge”.

If you choose “Merge” the timeline you have loaded will be merged with the new timeline you are opening. 

This is a great way of combing two or more different timelines to create new custom timelines.

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Editing the Timeline Directory

You can “Publish changes to a directory timeline” or “Create a new directory timeline” from the drop down save menu. 

The option to “Publish changes to a directory timeline” will only be available if you have a  directory timeline loaded. 

Before creating a new directory timeline you will be asked to check the directory for duplicate timelines, if you find an existing timeline you will have the option to merge your timeline with the existing timeline.  

For more detailed information please the following articles:

Publishing Changes to the directory

Create new Directory timeline

Merge with existing directory timeline

Choose timeline name page

The criteria for which events are included on a directory timeline should be consistent and from a neutral point of view. Timeline names should always follow an existing format if one already exists. 

Please read the timeline editing guidelines before editing the directory.

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