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Choose timeline name page

The page lets you choose a name for your timeline or choose an existing directory timeline to merge your timeline with.

The choose timeline name page is used when you are: 


If you are creating a new directory timeline you should use the page to make sure you are not creating a duplicate timeline.

If you are merging with an existing timeline you should use the page to find the timeline you want to merge with.

Overview of how the page works:

1. Enter a timeline name (1)

2. The search results show existing directory timelines that match the timeline name you entered. (2)

3.  Click on one of the results to merge your timeline with the existing directory timeline (3)

4. Click CREATE NEW (4) to create a new timeline using the name entered in the search box. (5) 

For more detailed instruction please see:

Checking for duplicates:

Before creating a new timeline you should check to make sure there isn’t already a version of the timeline in the directory. Even if the existing timeline only has a few events on it, you should merge your timeline with the existing one. 

When checking for duplicates you should try a few variations on the timeline name, concentrating on the main subject matter. For example if you were creating a timeline of books written by Isaac Asimov you would want to search for “Isaac Asimov” and then you could try adding different words like “books” or “novels”.

If you do find an existing directory timeline, select it from the list of results to merge your timeline with it.

The criteria for which events are included on a directory timeline should be consistent and from a neutral point of view. Timeline names should always follow an existing format if one already exists. 

Please read the timeline editing guidelines before editing the directory.

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