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Merging with an existing timeline.

Merging with an existing timeline allows you to merge the events on your timeline with an existing timeline directory.

1. Choose ‘Create new directory timeline’ from the Save menu

2. Use the Choose Timeline Name page to find the timeline you want to merge with

3. Enter the name of the timeline you want to merge with in the box on the right of the page (1)

The search results show existing directory timelines that match you search term,(2) if you can’t find a timeline in the directory to merge your events with you should Create a new directory timeline

4. Click on the timeline (3) you want to merge with to go to the edit summary page.

5. Click PUBLISH to publish the changes to the directory timeline.

Edit Summary page

The edit summary page shows you the name of the timeline you are merging with and the following edit summary information:

Events: The number of events that were on the existing directory timeline before the merge.

In common: The number of events that your timeline and the existing directory timeline have in common.

Added by merge: The number of events that will be added by the merge.

No events will be removed from the existing timeline.

The criteria for which events are included on a directory timeline should be consistent and from a neutral point of view. Timeline names should always follow an existing format if one already exists. 

Please read the timeline editing guidelines before editing the directory.

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